Weekend plans

TienYa2Sometimes in this big city it’s pretty difficult to find a corner to just think and be alone. After a long day, there is really nothing better than tucking into a corner with a good book soaking in the soft rays of the late afternoon sun. So, I was at the Clear Water bay park last weekend and this is one of my special corners of Hong Kong. Buried here is great trough of childhood memories that creep up on me every time I’m really enveloped in nature.

TienYaThe Clear Water Bay Park is nature’s own Disney Land because it embodies the statement: “Happiest place on Earth” – I see people flying kites, riding the wooden horses, barbecuing and staring at the ornate spider webs that are strung like chandeliers on the tree walk all around me. Truly I have never seen an upset person here and so, I’m calling it my personal haven.


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