Din Tai Fung @ Miramar

Din Tai Fun (1)So my favourite baby cousin has been in town and was craving some seriously good “Chinese food” so me and the family decided to take him to one of our favourite lower-mid range restaurants: Din Tai Fung down at TST. Continue reading Din Tai Fung @ Miramar

Summer Reads

Summer Reading

Summer is probably the busiest time of the year for me in terms of reading. Something about the summer heat brings out the bibliophile in me.  Continue reading Summer Reads

Café Deco Pizzeria (Part III)

DSC01374It’s been a while since I went to Café Deco and I’ve got to say I am somewhat disappointed. After being named one of my favourite mid-point pricing Italian restaurants in Hong Kong, I expected to come back “home” when I returned here after three months in Canada. Continue reading Café Deco Pizzeria (Part III)

Afternoon Tea @ Kai Tak Cruise Terminal

DSC01677It was the perfect ending to a perfectly lazy Sunday afternoon. The Kai Tak Cruise Terminal is a new place that I have been frequenting in the last couple of months. A great, spacious place to really relax and just take a walk amongst the greenery, without feeling claustrophobic.   Continue reading Afternoon Tea @ Kai Tak Cruise Terminal