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My Makeup Routine

What I Wear

I like to think of my makeup routine as pretty straightforward and easy because that’s the kind of person I am. Let me start off saying that these are all holy grail – status products to me and have my seal of approval. Continue reading My Makeup Routine

Drugstore Haul

So I know that it has been a while but things have really gotten crazy recently. Me and Hana trawled the streets after hosting the radio show to help her look for some makeup for a photoshoot. I admit, I did a little bit of damage when we got to the drugstores (I blame the beautiful Anna Sui display cases).  Continue reading

July Favourites

July FavouritesJuly was a long month for me: I went off to Toronto then to London, ON for a bit and there were quite a few things that I rediscovered and upgraded to Holy Grail status.

For the duration of July I had mostly been in Toronto so it really got me thinking about what I really did love in my collection and who made the cut. Quite naturally, I strayed towards the nuder makeup and forgot a lot of my favourites (I missed my Guerlain Lingerie de Peau foundation and my perfumes desperately). Still, it was great rediscovering a couple of things that I have neglected and/or didn’t have access to in Hong Kong. Continue reading July Favourites

Jo Malone

Jo Malone

I was having a small debate with two of my good friends yesterday about whether or not fragrance makes an impact on a date – I was on the losing end, saying that it did and that it had worked in my favour previously but both of them brushed it off as something insignificant. I still am not completely convinced. Continue reading Jo Malone

My Favourite New Things

Haul 1I’ve been on quite a spendy streak recently and hauled a few things from Zara, H&M as well as drugstore beauty.

I went a little wild in Zara and picked up quite a few things but my favourite has got to be the oversized denim jacket (pictured). I get such a sense of satisfaction whenever I rip a tag off a new piece of clothing (though in the inverse happens when I unbox a beauty item). Am I alone in this or do you all get that same rush of adrenaline? Continue reading My Favourite New Things

Impulse Buys

Mini Haul I was in need of some makeup on the go recently (for an impromptu coffee date) and I had remembered that I had left my makeup bag on my work desk  just as I got onto public transport. Let me tell you ladies and gents, that was an unparalleled feeling of panic that jolted through my entire body as this thought flitted across my mind. Continue reading Impulse Buys